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AppLauncher  (Order AppLauncher)

This app can receive SMS from another smartphone. The text in the SMS decides what will happen on the receiving phone. The app can for example start another app. Apps that can be started are i.e. Tasker, GMail, GMail Lite, AnyDesk, OneSync, Kameran, Airdroid, Teamviewer Host, Selfiekamera. AppLauncher can also execute other tasks, as i.e. Maximize or minimize ring volume, Restart AppLauncher, send SMS incuding images, Activate automatic SMS from receiver (i.e. if the phone is moved). The receiver then sends an SMS with its latitude and longitud or the latest image taken from the camera.
With Tasker installed on the receiving phone lots of other things can be done.

Permissions needed: Place, Camera, Storage, SMS, Phone

Works with Huawei P-models with Android 9 and Xperia with Android 7. Other smartphones are not tested.

Latest version 1.2

Pris: 50 SEK excl. VAT

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Talking Word  (Download evaluation) (Order Talking Word)

Plugin for Microsoft Word with speech syntheziser. Speech is for reading and writing support for för people with visual impairmentor reding and writing impairments (such as dyslexia).
Word settings are not affected by this plugin. The applikation is suitable for people who uses Microsoft Word and would like to extend possibilities for speech synthethizer.
Please note that SAPI-based speech syntheziser must be installed for Talking Word to work.

Uses Microsoft Word (version 97, 2000, XP eller 2003).

Latest version 1.17.00

Pris: 500 SEK exkl. moms plus porto och emballage